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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Albino’s grave dug up, bones taken

This article was translated for this blog from Kiswahili by Jean Burke. It first appeared in
a Kiswahili newspaper here in Tanzania

The fear of being hunted for albino body parts has re-emerged after claims that unknown people exhumed the grave of a person with albinism in the Izengwabasumba settlement in Nyamalulu village, Geita district and some bones have disappeared.

It is alleged this incident is related to superstitious beliefs to gain riches from gold mining. It is said that the police force have not arrested any suspects but are continuing their investigations and already a confidential list of suspects including a traditional healer is being prepared as an initial step.

It is alleged the incident occurred at night in early July and was then reported at district police headquarters.

It is claimed that residents of this village discovered the grave of Zawadi Mangidu (22), at about four-thirty in the afternoon had been exhumed and a piece of a bone had fallen on top of the grave.

Information from the incident area indicates that suspects dug up the grave at the side of the cement-built digging in areas without cement and then after exhuming it and removing the bones dug up, they filled in the hole and vanished.

In verifying the occurence of this incident, the Police Commander of Mwanza Region, Simon Sirro, said this incident took place one night in early July and that already a team of police led by the Head of Police of Geita district had arrived at the location of the incident.

He said the police went to the location of the incident after receiving the report from the village chair and began investigations where it was evident that after exhuming the grave, the criminals had filled it in later.

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