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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love conquers all: An Albino's moving Love Story...

... and subsequent happy family!
James, Pamela and their daughter, Avril

...Pamela could not get her mind off the young man, an aspiring musician with a deep, musical voice and sense of humour.

And she also liked his “shiny blonde hair”, which she says made him very attractive.

James’s hair colour is as a result of albinism, an inherited genetic condition characterised by little or no pigment (melanin) in the skin, eyes and hair...Read to know how Pamela and James, an albino, met, courted and... now have a loving family. Life is not all doom and gloom for albinos!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photos showing what ALBINOS have to put up with...

...the PAIN and ANGUISH!

Photos that SPEAK louder Than WORDS

Accused Albino Murderer denies close relation with Murdered Albino

...It is alleged that the deceased was living with Gamaya before he was brutally killed between November 1 and December 4, last year and, according to the prosecution, on the day when the crime was committed the accused had met at the house to plan the shocking murder...Check out the Rest Here

Other Albino Stories in the Media

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Tiny Sanctuary for Tanzania's Albinos

One of the things that makes working for the Red Cross in the field such a privilege is that you occasionally see places you never would in a lifetime of “travel”, even as a journalist. And meet true humanitarians – local volunteers – whose main objective in life is to do something to help their communities...Check out the Rest Here

Rozarii Lynch: Freelance Photographer with a Difference

This is Rozarii Lynch

Rozarii, a freelance photographer, has initiated a project whose aim is to raise international awareness for the plight of the albino people, to portray positive images of the individual albino people and to affect positive change for their situation.

Read to know More about Rozarii's Project

State Drops witness in Albino Murder Trial

The trial involving the murder of a 54 year-old albino took a new twist yesterday when the prosecution decided to drop from its list of witnesses the wife of one of the accused, after the latter changed her mind...Read the Rest Here

And also......Check out the Same Story in this other Paper

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trader accused of asking for albino parts

...The shocking testimony emerged after a defence counsel, Mr Feran Kweka, asked the witness why the alleged "buyer" of a head and legs cut off from Lyaku Willy was not among the accused despite being named...Read the Rest Here.

Witness recounts how ‘killers’ went into hiding.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Man confesses to having Killed an Albino

...[Currently, albino murder cases are being heard simultaneously in Shinyanga and Kahama districts]...
A man on trial for the murder of a mentally ill albino last year confessed to having committed the heinous crime before villagers, the High Court heard yesterday...Read the Rest Here.

One Man's Opinion: "That's Why I Say Africans Are Cursed"

"My father was an albino and he died of cancer when he was nearing 50. Throughout my childhood I grew up an angry boy. I was angry with life. I have asked God several times why he had to make my father the way he was, not that I didn’t love him but I felt pity for him. I remember vividly how children and people would make fun of my father. He has been called names such as “murungu”(white man),”musupe”(an insulting word for albino), ‘nguruve”(pig) amongst other names. Every time he would be humiliated and insulted he would look down and proceed living life like everything was normal..."Read the Rest Here.

Albino Killers: The Long Arm of the Law has finally caught up with them hearing of cases against suspected albino killers start

Suspected albino killers in court

Witnesses in the case in which three people are charged with albino killings in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region, testified...Read the Rest Here.