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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salum Khalfan Barwany - Tanzania's Albino MP fears for his life

Tanzania's first elected albino member of parliament fears his life could be in danger in the east African country where albino hunters kill their victims and use their blood and body parts for witchcraft.

Salum Khalfan Barwany said he may be threatened by an unknown group that has been tracking his movements since he was elected MP for the Lindi Urban constituency in southern Tanzania in an October 31 election...Check out the Rest of Story Here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vicky Ntetema: A Resolute and Courageous Woman...

...a woman who has the interests of Albinos in Tanzania at heart

Vicky Ntetema,a Tanzanian journalist

Question: What exactly inspired you to singlehandedly hold the bull by its horns, going after and exposing those who engage in the insane acts? Was it a duty call? Has the practice ever affected your personal life before you took off? do you have friends or relatives who are albinos?

Answer: I hate to be a witness to injustices and standby without doing anything. And as a journalist, I owe it to my profession and the public to go an extra mile to find the truth and tell it as it is. What would you do when a mother tells you that she was forced to choose between releasing her seven month old baby with albinism to the killers and witnessing the slaughter of three of her children one by one until they get what they want!

What about listening to a teenager boy narrating with pain about the killers who had to butcher his mother and pregnant sister to get a leg of his ten year old sister with albinism because a witchdoctor ordered it for a client? Would you keep quiet when you hear how helpless underage children watch as the neck of their five year old kid sister is slit open, legs hacked off, blood drunk by killers who disappear with the limbs and tongue! I had to do something!

...Check out the Rest of the Interview Here