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Friday, January 7, 2011

Kahama, Bukombe Districts named as most lawless

Kahama and Bukombe Districts of Shinyanga region are the leading districts for various acts of lawlessness including armed robbery, robbery and use of weapons.

Police Commander of Shinyanga region, Diwani Athumani, has confirmed that these districts have many challenges for the police force and voluntary protection where many criminal acts and murders of the elderly continue to be reported within the district.

This Commander gave this report following up the lead in various criminal acts especially of armed robbery and murders of the elderly last year.

Athumani told journalists that one of the main reasons for the existence of this situation is that these districts have a great influx of visitors from within and outside the Shinyanga region, adjoining regions and neighbouring countries.

Furthermore, he said these districts have had areas for large and small and mining industries of gold and diamonds.

Likewise, these districts have large influxes resulting from being on the main bitumen road from Isaka to the neighbouring countries of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi and Uganda as well as the refugee camps which are in the adjoining regions of Kagera and Kigoma.

He said because of these circumstances, murders of the elderly and people with albinism have been occurring in these areas and other areas like Bariadi, Shinyanga, Maswa and Meatu involving a small percentage.

Concerning the steps which have been announced to be taken by the police force to tackle this situation, he said starting in 2011 police plan to ensure a peaceful and calm situation will be reinstated within all these lawless areas.

“As the police force, we have set ourselves the target for the year 2011 to ensure serious crimes reduce and stop and don’t exist at all: what I am saying is for those armed robbers to look other things to do,” Diwani said.

He made it clear that police using voluntary protection, will cooperate with citizens to get reports about crime and that these will not be leaked.

Moreover, he said that they will confirm they are using sungusungu to strengthen protection within these regions and that sungusungu groups, are getting education about protection and security strategies.