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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just what Tanzanian Albinos Need: This Man with a no-nonsense Approach to Matters of Import

I love the approach to matters of import exhibited by this senior man in the Tanzanian government. He is a very serious man. Simply put: he says what he means and means what he says.
This man is in the name of the Prime Minister of Tanzania Mr. Mizengo Peter Pinda.

He made a very profound statement two days ago, both in word and in deed, concerning the albino issue.
What he said clearly resonates with what we have been saying time and time again in this blog.

With a straight face and a booming voice, he said, in no uncertain terms, that the public needs to be told what measures are taken against those caught in connection with killing and maiming of albinos.

He said that when the authorities concerned fail to make public the measures taken against such people, they (the authorities) lose credibility in the eyes of the public.

Their silence, in effect, spurs on the acts of violence against albinos. This is because there seems to be no measure taken against perpetrators of these dastardly acts.

I am confident to say that this was a wake-up call to those in power to do all that is in their power to stem the killing of albinos in Tanzania.

Such words, coming from the leader of government business in Tanzania, reaffirm the commitment of the government to deal with, and totally “annihilate”, this disturbing issue.

But the speed at which the “albino issue” is being dealt with here is wanting. It is not fast enough. It seems that some quarters of the government are not doing what they should in this fight.

The PMs Commitment
Mr. Mizengo Pinda reinforced his commitment to fighting the cause of albinos in Tanzania by taking a Standard Two albino boy (his name is George Bush) into his care. He pledged to taken care of his welfare and schooling. He added that he would make sure that George Bush gets the best education (up to the highest levels of education).

This is very consoling and encouraging, Mr. Pinda.

If only we had more leaders with your kind of heart! How I wish!

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