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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ugandans stand up in Solidarity against Killings

Human sacrifices, especially of children, have been going on for a while in Uganda. Ritualists have been targeting children and cutting off their heads, hands, genitals, tongues and other such parts that they consider of “worth” to them.

People who do this “business” are in it for the money that it has to offer: i) cash payments by people who need the organs and ii) wealth that is believed to come like an avalanche when the rituals are over.

The killings in Uganda are different from the albino killings in Tanzania in that the Uganda “version” does not target a particular group as in Tanzania. The Uganda one is visited on just about anyone.

In view of the enormity of the situation at hand, Christians in Uganda have announced that they are going on a 40-day prayer and fasting session to bring the current spate of killings to a halt.

They are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this state of affairs will come to an end.

And, just like in Tanzania, before international pressure was instituted, the authorities in Uganda are not seen to do anything about this issue. The political leaders, the chiefs, the police etc are not seen (or even heard) to decry this animosity.

“The police just come to pick the remains of people who have been killed (and body parts cut off) and take them to the mortuaries. They are just filling the mortuaries and are not doing anything to prevent fresh attacks from being carried out,” said one bitter Ugandan.

My Two Cents
The Ugandan people, by standing up in solidarity concerning the killing of people with impunity in their country, have set a very good example that the Tanzanian people can follow.

If we do not stand up for the albinos, we do not know who else will be targeted when the “albino phase” is over. Maybe it will be tall people like yours truly. God forbid!

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