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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mixed Reactions to the Story on the Kidnapping of an Albino Toddler

CHECK OUT THE STORY ON Another Albino Toddler Kidnapped

Wileharda says:
The Tanzanian Government is also to blame. They are not so serious in protecting the children. They always wait for little hand outs which then goes to government officials. If they were serious enough, they could find the people behind it. Imprison all the males, husbands. Only the woman are being attacked where are the guys. Its always the man who gets away with murder.
they should take all these children away and care for them as soon as they are born and protect them It should be mandatory. Even the top officials do go to these witch doctors to get promotions. Weak lows and not seriousnes of the government is to blame. They could find the people behind this if they wanted to. These are very small communities. neighbourhood watch if organized can solve the problem too.

Traveler says:
I am going to be culturally insensitive for a minute: Seriously, how backwards of a nation still believes in the power of their "sorcerers" to influence a presidential election? Or that they get power from the bodies of albinos? No matter how advanced things are in most of the world or how educated the world population becomes, you will likely always have pockets of backwards thinking people. 
JessicaB says:
I did volunteer work in Tanzania two summers ago and I saw one of these children in a village we visited. One of our Tanzanian friends told me that parents with albino children are encouraged to send their children to a special government-run boarding school where they can be protected from people killing them for use in witchcraft. I feel so sorry for this poor mother and the other parents who have to go through this. 
JD says: 
Maybe UNICEF or something could begin a program there to help these parents get out as soon as an albino baby is born? Maybe the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or Warren Buffet's whatever he has could pop over there and set up something?

Or is it not just kidnappers but the parents who are selling the babies too?

This is horrible that these ignorant, savage, barbaric people believe in things like carving up albino babies and selling them for use in potions. 

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