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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Businessman who wanted a “live” albino hits wall with bare Fists

A well-known vehicle spare parts dealer together with seven other people has been arrested in Mbarali District, Mbeya Region, for attempting to kidnap and kill an albino. [Mbeya Region is in the South-West of Tanzania and it borders Malawi]

They are said to have attempted to kidnap 15-year-old Hussein Power (an albino). The kidnappers had been promised Tsh I Million (approx. USD 835) on “successful delivery” of the boy (alive) to the spare parts businessman (for he is the one who had commissioned the kidnapping).

The businessman, Benedicto Mwachembe and his accomplices were caught one fine morning recently after their failed kidnap attempt.

On the material day of the crime, Hussein Power who grazes his family’s cattle did not go out to graze. His young brother, Sai Power (12), went in his stead. Hussein was left at home.

While Sai was tending the cattle in the field, he was suddenly surrounded by the suspects who wielded machetes and an assorted array of crude weapons. They asked the young boy where his albino brother was. He told them that he was at home.

When they left, Sai ran home to tell his mother what he had witnessed. The young boy said that two of the suspects were his relatives (from his father’s side of the family).

When the police got onto the heels of the suspects, one thing led to another and all of them were caught. When they were interrogated they admitted that they were on the payroll of the businessman for he was the one who had asked them to get the albino for him.

The police went to the home of the businessman to further their investigation. While there, they discovered a deep hole in one of the rooms. The hole was covered with a curtain on top.

It was learnt that that is where he, the spare parts dealer, “finished off” his victims.

One of the policemen said (about the room): “The room is very dark and is extremely scary. It is also very dangerous. It is made in such a way that even if victims screams on top of their lungs, no one can hear them from outside.”

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