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Friday, May 7, 2010

Al-Shaymaa, Kimaya, announce they will run for parliament in the General Elections

This post was translated from Kiswahili by Jean Burke, a friend in the fight against albino killings

Presidentially appointed Member of Parliament, Al-Shaymaa John Kwegyir and Chair of the Albino Society of Tanzania, Ernest Kimaya, who are both people with albinism, have announced their intention to run for parliament in the next General Elections.

Talking with residents of Iringa town yesterday during celebrations for the National Day for People with Albinism in Tanzania held in the grounds of the city Gardens, Kimaya said that he intends to run for parliament in the Korogwe Rural province on a CCM ticket.

He stated he had reached this decision so as to fulfil this year’s slogan, which encourages people to come forward and compete.

This year’s slogan is: “Government Election, Albinos have the right to elect and be elected, Let’s come forward”.

In addressing these residents, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, said he’d been given hints by MP Kwegyir of her intention to run for special seats in Tanga. “She says she is grateful President Kikwete appointed her to parliament and now wants to gain special seats,” he stated.

Pinda called for all citizens including those with albinism, to come forward for election in various posts through their political parties.

He wants Tanzanians to realise that people with albinism have a big contribution to society especially if they are supported by fellow humans who don’t have this disability. The commemorations were also attended by representatives of people with albinism from more than 15 regions in the country.

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Anonymous said...

Ernest Kimaya = CORRUPTION