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Monday, May 24, 2010

Students beg JK for albino-killers to be killed

This article was translated by Jean Burke for this blog. It appeared in a Kiswahili newspaper, NIPASHE.
Children with albinism who attend Pongwe Primary School in the town here have asked President Jakaya Kikwete (JK) to insist the authorization of the death sentence by hanging until dead be issued by the courts for those involved in murders of albinos.

They have said this step will help greatly in frightening off those involved in these murders and ultimately to completely stop the nightmare which continues to take the lives of albinos in various areas of the country.

This was stated in interviews conducted with this newspaper, a short time after the appointed Member of Parliament, Al-Shymaa Kwegyir through her institution of Good Hope Star Foundation handed over sun-protection creams (lotion) and sunglasses.

These students generally stated they are fed up of a life without freedom due to fear of being killed anytime at the same time some of them lack basic rights as children because parents must hide them inside to avoid being hurt.

Semeni Bahati (12), a student in sixth class at this school said he is a resident of Sengerema of Mwanza region but his parents assisted him escape and brought him to Tanga region to save his live after his younger sibling who was an albino was killed by unknown persons.

And Mwania Salum who also is an albino and a student of this school saked the Government to increase security in those schools where children with albinism study, a ste which will encourage parents to send their children to schools if they know there is sufficient safety.

The specially appointed Member of Parliamant on the CCM ticket in Tanga region said that the battles in the war against albino murders in this country have been continuing resulting from the extensive and strong network which is beyond understanding.

Al-Shyamaa stated traditional healers have been accused of being involved in these murders even though they have denied this accusation and said that those who are involved in these acts are witches.

The Head Teacher of this primary school in Pongwe, Paulo Shechambo stated that currently the school has a total of 1,063 out of whom 23 are albinos and 68 students are blind.

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