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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Albino ‘overcomes’ assailant

Story courtesy of Daily News, Tanzania

AN albino child who is admitted to the Geita Hospital in Mwanza Region after he was attacked by a man who was after his body parts said he survived by biting the assailant’s private parts.

Adam Robert (14), whose condition is improving said that he managed to bite the man amid the gruesome attack, forcing the goon to run away before cutting his fingers.

“When he was cutting my hand, I was yelling and after a few moment he started preparing to chop off my fingers. That is when I got the chance of biting his private part. That man managed to cut my fingers after I fell down while trying to escape,” narrated the shocked but brave kid.

Narrating the ordeal, Robert said that he met the man (suspect) last Friday, when he came looking for
his cow. Robert, who was grazing the cows, said that the man stayed with him at the grazing ground before disappearing in the forests.

“After a few minutes, the man came back this time offering me a hat but I refused telling him that I had mine with me, after which I decided to move closer to my home,” he said.

Later in the evening, Robert said that the man came to their house on the pretence of looking for his lost cow. He arrived finding the victim with his father.

“After introducing himself to my mother, I informed my father to have met with the man at the grazing grounds,” he said, adding that later the man left the premises.

According to the father, one Robert Tangawizi (36), the following day (Saturday) attacked the child and cut off his body parts before he run away. According to the father, the suspect is still at large.

1 comment:

joanne said...

I saw Adam on Africa Investigates, on Al Jazeera. Also the girl whose arm was taken. I could not believe this evil existed. I only hope these children can learn to believe in themselves and others again through the love and care of the good people who I still believe are in the majority.

For what is worth to them, my heart goes out to them. And I hope there is a god.