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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Turn not a blind eye: Act!

This blog is dedicated to decrying the animosity leveled against people with albinism. It seems there’s been a recrudescence of violence against albinos in Tanzania in recent months.

Some of the albinos have been hacked, humiliated and even killed by people seeking their body parts to sell to witchdoctors who make charms and potions using them.

The witchdoctors have made people believe that when they take the charms and potions then they will increase their wealth bases, improve their security and safeguard their positions.

On this blog, I vent my heart’s contempt regarding the goings on.
Human life is sacred and no one has the right to cut someone else’s life short.
Albinos are human beings and they, too, are entitled to live.

Here I share links to PREVIOUS pieces I did to voice my stand on this issue:

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pris said...

Hello ..nice blog, am an MA Student from the University of westminster and i would love to do a short documentary on the discrimination of albinos in tanzania.
my email is or