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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Albino Killers should be Sought and Prosecuted

News of the catching and prosecution of people who catch and kill albinos have been few and far between. I believe they should be more than they are today (the prosecutions).

The Minister for Home Affairs (Mr. Lawrence Masha) and the president (Mr. Jakaya Kikwete) were seen spitting fire and brimstone condemning the dastardly act of albino killings, evidently irked by the state of affairs. I believe the same vim and vivacity should be reflected in how the perpetrators of the violence against this minority group are handled and prosecuted by people in the high echelons of power in the government. All the Arms of Government should talk against this violence.

For how long are albinos going to live in fear in their own country? For how long will albinos walk around with their heads over their shoulders fearing for the worst? For how long will witch doctors continue asking greedy men and women (greedy for wealth) for albino body parts so as to gain immense wealth?

For how long? For how long? For how…

The government should be at the fore front in fighting this battle for its people.

That is my two cents.

Quote: “In times of peace, staying alive is a choice.”

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