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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Scared and Tormented, Albinos “Pledge” to take Desperate Actions

The albino community in Mwanza has said, in no uncertain terms, that it takes the issue of security of its members very seriously. It said this as the plight of albinos grows gloomier by the day.

Mwanza is the worst hit by the current violence against albinos. This spate of violence is said to be driven by witchcraft beliefs and ignorance. The perpetrators of these cowardly acts (killings, severing parts of the body, exhuming dead albinos etc) believe that albinos have a magical charm that would enable one to be rich.

They believe that this would come to fruition if the albino body parts are used in potions prepared by witchdoctors. It is for this reason that albinos in Tanzania are running wild, fearing for their lives.

The Mwanza albino community says that if no help is brought their way, then they will move to the islands in Lake Victoria. They say all of them will go and start new lives there. At least the risks facing them will have been reduced by half, they say.


A certain family in Mwanza decided to bury their young albino daughter in the room of her grandfather. She was hacked to death when some people entered her room while she was asleep. The rest of the family was fast asleep then.

The attackers made off with parts of her body probably for witchcraft purposes.

When asked why they decided to bury the young girl inside the house, her grandfather says:

“We buried her in my room, under my bed, to prevent people with witchcraft inclinations from exhuming her body and taking what is left of her. If these people decide to come back to take what remains of her, they will have to fight with me first before they can ever get to her.”

Talk of desperate measures in desperate times for desperate solutions!

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