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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yet Another Albino Attack: Ngara Woman’s Hands Chopped off!

The news that an albino woman in Ngara (a district in Tanzania) had her hands chopped off made me numb yesterday (18/11/2008). This albino woman met with the tragedy (no, the tragedy came to her!) while she was at home with her parents and other family members.

She recounts that she was in one of the houses (her room, I presume) while her parents were in another, when a large group of panga wielding people came and surrounded it. They cordoned off the house to prevent any form of rescue attempt from anyone in the other houses (rooms!).

With this done, they proceeded to execute their master plan: cutting up the pregnant albino woman, one Mariam Stanford.

They cut off the right arm leaving only a stump at the shoulder. Mariam shouted for help but the other members of the family could not come to her rescue. The machete wielding men prevented them from getting out of their rooms. She was as if in an island.

They tried to cut off the left arm but left before they had completely hewn it off.

Mariam was in utter pain and shock when help came. She was rushed to hospital where after some deliberation, the left arm, which had been left hanging, was cut off. Judging from the wound and traces on the bone, it was deduced that the pangas used had had rusted blades.

As pictures of Mariam flashed on the TV screen, hot flushes rose up my cheeks and there was an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. The bandaged stumps that hang down her shoulders were (and are) proof that a human being’s worst enemy is none other than himself or herself.

Help Needed

She is asking for someone to help her take care of the unborn baby when it is eventually born for she no longer has hands to hold it. Talk of being stretched to the limit but never giving up hope and vision!

To some people this is just another item that beefs up the statistics of how many albinos have been attacked in Tanzania. But to some others (the wise ones), this is another six-inch nail that has been driven into the society that is Tanzania. We need to claw out the nails before they rust in our bowels.

Is there anyone out there? What do you think should be done about this state of affairs?

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