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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Albinos need more than they are getting

There’s been so much said about the plight of albinos in Tanzania especially since the emergence of animosity against them. The media has been awash with all manner of stories on acts of violence against albinos.

Although most of the reports have not been conclusive, they have “helped” create the grave picture that Tanzanian albinos are living at the edge of a precipice that overlooks a bottomless abyss.

To help reverse the fate of albinos in this country, numerous plans have been put in place to stem the spate of violence against them. Though none of them is fool-proof, albinos can start breathing a sigh of relief.

No. Not just yet.

Albinos have so many other enemies save for the greedy people after their body parts. These other enemies are life-threatening as well. But few people are focusing on them in the fight to safeguard the lives of albinos in our communities.

The sun’s rays are a major enemy to an albino. They can, and do, cause skin cancer to an albino. These rays, too, are an enemy to the eyes of an albino.

To keep themselves safe against the effects of the sun, albinos need special cream for the skin to protect it from the aggravating effects of UV rays. They also need wide-brimmed hats to protect their faces and eyes from direct sunlight as they go about their business.

In addition to these, they need special sunglasses to filter the dangerous UV rays from wreaking havoc on their eyes. Also, due to their poor eyesight, they need magnifying glasses to aid them in reading. These are among some of the things that albinos need to take care of themselves.

All these things come at a price. And to most of the albinos, they are way too expensive. This situation has been compounded by the fact that most of them lead very poor lives.

The bottom line is that they need to be helped to acquire these very essential things so that they can lead safe lives.

I beseech all you well-wishers out there to help albinos in Tanzania to acquire these essentials. There are albino societies in all or almost all of the regions in mainland Tanzania. These would appreciate any form of donation in cash or kind (especially the sun creams, hats, magnifying glasses and sunglasses).

When I talk of donations, I think of the many donations that Tanzania-born philanthropist, Mr. Reginald Mengi, makes to albinos (and other groups) in Tanzania.

He has the heart of a giver and he uses part of his immense wealth to better the lives of other human beings. I laud you for that, Mr. Mengi.

There are so many other wealthy people in Tanzania. I pray that they’ll find it in their hearts to use some of their wealth to afford albinos in this country the essentials I have mentioned (and so many more).

Please don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be wealthy to give. Anyone and everyone can help in their own unique ways. So, even you my reader, can help to better the life of an albino somewhere in mainland Tanzania.

Let philanthropy rule the air and the war to safeguard the lives of albinos in Tanzania will have been half won. Sweet success!

Parting Shot
It is said, to the world you just might be one person; but to one person you just might be the world. Go for it!

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