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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Human Rights groups to sue the Tanzania government for “failing Albinos”

Some Human Rights groups in Tanzania have vowed to sue the Tanzania government for failing to take charge of issues concerned with the violence against albinos.

The groups have said, in no uncertain terms, that the government has failed in its duties of safeguarding the lives of some of its citizens (people with albinism). They have added that the concerned government bodies (The Ministry of Home Affairs, the Police, and the Ministry of Health) have not been seen to treat this subject with the seriousness that it deserves.

They accuse the Ministry of Health of laxity in that the ministry has not been doing much to deal with and try to prevent skin cancer from decimating the albino population in the country.

When asked about the secret ballot exercise, that is underway to identify perpetrators of violence against albinos, they expressed dissatisfaction in how the exercise is being conducted and said that it will not avail much.

They want the government to compensate each and every family that has been afflicted by this current predicament.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Lawrence Masha, when reached on the phone to comment on the stand of these human rights groups, said that he did not have any official notification of this stand by these groups. He reiterated that the government is doing all that is in its power to bring albino killings to an end.

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