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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Religious leaders, where art thou?

In the fight against albino killings in Tanzania, religious leaders have been eerily quiet. I say this for I believe these are the people who should be at the fore front in this fight and they should be seen to be doing something.

But their silence puzzles not only me but thousands of other people in Tanzania and internationally.

First things first

Violence meted on albinos by people who are out to get their body parts for the “murky” trade that is dubbed “body parts trade”, is proof enough that moral decadence in Tanzania is at an all time high.

We have come to a point where there is very little respect for human life. Our morals have really gone down the drain! It seems to me that some of us have become inured to the current state of affairs. So to them that are inured, news of albino killings and other such violence means nothing special! Very sick indeed.

There is nothing as dangerous as getting used to something (or even a way of life) that has the potential to kill and destroy. But it seems that is where we are.

We are actually like frogs being boiled to death. You know, when you put a frog in boiling water it will just jump out. However, when you put it in water that is at room temperature and start boiling it, it will eventually be cooked!

We are being boiled with water that is at room temperature. A time will come when it will be very hard to reverse things. But why should we get to that point of no return?

I subscribe to the idea that words can make or break ‘a man’. So, I believe that when religious leaders stop dilly dallying and take a stand (drum into their congregations that our society will be safe when we return to God with all our hearts and that wealth is created by sheer dint of hard work and not otherwise), then we’ll be on our way to recovery.

A society that does not heed the word of God that comes through His servants, is doomed. I call upon the religious leaders in Tanzania to stand in their positions and shame the decadence that has taken a strangle-hold of us.

After all, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

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