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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Folks Let’s Start on a clean Slate, it’s Easter

Today is Easter Sunday; a day when Christians the world over commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Christians believe, I being one of them, that the resurrection of Jesus, after being dead for three days, signified (ies!) a new lease of life to each and every follower of Christ. This is because He defeated death with His rising.

Jesus Christ took our sins, iniquities and diseases upon Himself and suffered the punishment that was due us. He forgave us unconditionally.

Folks, my aim is not to preach here. I am trying to drive the point that Easter is a time of reflection and forgiveness.

It’s all about the welfare of Albinos

This blog’s aim is to champion an end to stigmatization and murders of albinos. Our call in this blog is that we should forgive one another where we have failed to stand up for albinos.

These are our brothers and sisters and taking care of them is OUR [you and I] responsibility.

Where God’s love abounds, one looks forward to putting a smile on their neighbour’s face. Harmony and peace is found in plenty in such a setting!

Anyway, what better way is there of exhibiting God’s love in our midst than serving other people with the cleanest of hearts!


Do unto others what you’d like to be done unto you

For those to whom much has been given, much will be required

The path of duty is the way to glory

Happy Easter.

Thanks Brian Carnell for putting a link to my site on your site.

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