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Sunday, April 5, 2009

For fear of their lives, twenty Albinos skip meeting

Following the albino killings that have rocked Tanzania in recent times, twenty albinos failed to attend a camp they had been invited to for fear that their lives would be in danger.

[The camp, Christian Sports Contact National Camp, which brought together young people from seven regions in Tanzania, took place in Tanga.]

The Chairman of the organization, Rev. Andrew Kajembe, said that albino killings cannot be tolerated in the society because they were denying albinos the right to enjoy their lives.

He said that the country cannot be allowed to be controlled by dark forces and urged all people, regardless of creed or colour, to condemn these killings.

“Twenty albinos were invited here in this camp, but where are they? They have chosen to stay at home for fear of being killed. I can assure you, if there were albinos here, you would have seen strange people plotting to pluck human parts from these poor fellows. This is an abominable thing,” he said.

He said that the church would not stay back and watch albinos being victimized and denied their right to live and enjoy their lives. He said that the church would use prayers to kill albino killers.

“We will surely pray asking God to kill albino killers,” he said.

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