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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anyone out there?

There are times I feel like a lone ranger when I am doing this blog. Why? You may ask. I think it is the feeling that there is very little that seems to be done about the prejudices people have of albinos.

It is a crazy feeling altogether, but I guess I am speaking my mind when I say this. People seem not to care about what our brothers and sisters, the albinos, are going through in Tanzania.

I would expect people to have changed by now, but the animosity continues and as someone rightly said: “It is not over until it is over.” I think that is true judging from what is happening on the ground.

Being a teacher, I meet with different people. People with different perspectives; people with different ways of looking at things. And, sometimes, I feel helpless when the children I teach tell me things that they were told by their parents about albinos.

And I can assure you that most of the stuff that children are told by their parents is not good. They are told to hate albinos; to look down upon them and to call them names.

In fact, some of them admitted to me that they wouldn’t be comfortable if their parents knew that they had talked to someone about what they were told.

Is there anyone out there who can talk sense to such parents, parents who "wreck" their children’s lives by poisoning them with the drivel that albinos are to be avoided like the plague. Please someone drum some sense into such people.

Is there really anyone out there?


Iris from Dar said...

Yes, there are people reading your blog! Thank you so much for your account, your work is very much appreciated, it is fortunate someone can pass on news about albinos and what is needed.
Please keep up! With all my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

You aren't alone.