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Monday, January 4, 2010

District Commissioner orders a count of all albinos

Translated from Nipashe Newspaper by Jean Burke

The district commissioner of Lindi, Magalula Said Magalula, has directed division and ward officers to list the number of all albino people, with the aim of enabling the government to plan strategies to protect their safety.

Magalula gave this instruction, when opening the meeting of the Lindi district advisory committee, conducted in the council hall of Lindi village, on 23rd December last year.

He said, due to the brutal acts carried out against albinos, there is a need for district leadership to have accurate statistics, including understanding where albinos live, and the parents, relatives and neighbours who live with them.

Magalula stated the purpose in carrying out this census, apart from knowing their situation with regards to security, is a result of suspicions that some parents, relatives and neighbours cooperate with murderers in killing albinos out of greed for money.

He said that having a complete register available will help this government district one way or another, to know where albinos live, the security of their situation and to see how the government can assist their protection or when they encounter problems.

Since the wave of albino murders has erupted in the country, the death of one albino has taken place in Lindi district. The body was found floating in Lukuledi river one year ago.

Lindi Region, is estimated to have more than 700,000 residents, and it is claimed to have more than 170 albinos.

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