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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Religious denominations condemn albino murders

Islamic and Christian denominations within the country have strongly condemned murders of albinos and the elderly. They said people who perpetrate such killings are sick in the head and want them to stop such notions immediately.

From discussion yesterday in Dar es Salaam in the conference organised by Muslim and Christian followers, leaders of these religions joined together in declaring cooperation with the Government in fighting the war against these murders.

At this conference, Evangelist Moses Ndimbo from the Evangelists Fellowship of Tanzania, said there is no short-cut to becoming wealthy and that the only way to accumulate wealth is to work hard: there is no other way.

He said the act of traditional healers deceiving citizens that they will gain wealth by killing albinos and the elderly is unacceptable because there is no truth at all that success follows from killing a person.

“I request the Government to cancel all permits and boards of traditional healers and ban the display of such boards, which motivate citizens to go to the healer,” he said.
For his part, Dr. Sule Seif from the National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA), was astonished to see people believing superstitious beliefs in this century of science and technology.

He said Muslims and Christians will work together to eliminate these acts and have prepared strategies to go throughout the whole country educating citizens about what God says about murder and murderers.

On giving a word of thanks, Treasurer of the Albino Association of Tanzania, Abdilah Abdular, congratulated these efforts and asked religious leaders to preach especially in village areas unreached by religion.

“Many healers have no religion and that’s why they are able to advise such brutality, I ask religious leaders to reach village areas where many of them are so they can know God.” he said.

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