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Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 weeks ago: Albino killer challenges verdict in Appeal Court

Story courtesy of The Guardian newspaper, Tanzania

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Kazimili Mashauri (50), who was recently sentenced to death by hanging after he was found guilty of killing a five-year-old albino girl, has lodged an application to the Court of Appeal of Tanzania in Mwanza challenging the High Court’s verdict.

The Court of Appeal yesterday confirmed it had received the appeal by the convict, who was sentenced to death for killing Mariam Emmanuel.

The appeal was filed by the convict’s counsel Wilbroad Butambala recently, High Court Registrar Isaya Arufani confirmed yesterday.

The verdict was delivered on July 27, this year, by High Court Judge Projest Rugazia.

According to the High Court registrar, the convict’s counsel challenges High Court proceedings during the determination of the case and the death sentence imposed on the convict.

The judgment, which lasted for an hour, was read by Judge Rugazia, who argued he was satisfied with prosecution witnesses levelled against the first accused, who he found guilty of murder.

He said he could not implicate an accomplice (the second accused) because the prosecution did not table strong evidence as claimed by court assessors and as a result, he set him free.

Judge Rugazia, while reading the verdict, said the prosecution depended much on witness number two Nhindi Emmanuel assertions that for quite sometime, he was used in the case, therefore, it was easy for the witness to identify the accused.

The prosecution brought eight witnesses including the mother of the deceased girl, Flora Mabula, and her two children.

The murder of the albino girl occurred on January 21, 2008 at around 04:00am in Nyangh’olongo Village, Misungwi District in Mwanza Region, whereby the accused murdered and drank the blood of the albino girl from a bowl.

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