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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Under The Same Sun at NOAH 2010

This July, UTSS had 12 representatives at the Washington DC national conference on
albinism. There were 4 from Tanzania and 8 from Canada. NOAH (National Organization for Albinism & Hypo-pigmentation) is an American - based non-profit organization that sponsors a conference every 2 years representing the albinism community.

This year’s event reported over 900 in attendance with a moderate representation from the international community as well. We met fellow Canadians, Tanzanians, South Africans, a gentleman from Senegal, another from Nigeria, and a number of folk from
Australia – a very diverse crowd to say the least. For those of us with albinism, the sense of kinship, affinity, connection, and understanding was palpable as we were surrounded by this unique fellowship that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet and certainly not in our day to day lives.

For those of us without albinism there was the unique experience of being a minority group to the people with albinism surrounding us. It felt right! For both groups, the deepest expressions of this experience were manifested in tears and laughter as words failed to capture its essence. ...Check out the Story Here

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Supply Pusher Angie said...

I have a question about your work in Africa- is there any talk about foreign adoption of the albino children? It seems that they will never be accepted by their communities and it would be wonderful to give these children loving homes in safe environments. Do you know of anyone who is working in this area?