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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kenyan jailed 17 years, fined 80 million/- over albino deal

Story courtesy of The Guardian newspaper, Tanzania

Nathan Mutei, a Kenyan, is escorted out of court in Mwanza. He was jailed for 17 years.

The Resident Magistrate's Court in Mwanza Region has sentenced a Kenyan national, Nathan Mtei Mwasha, to a 17-year jail term and a fine of 80m/- after he was found guilty of human trafficking and attempting to sell an albino, Robinson Mukwana, for 400m/-.

Mwasha was arrested for allegedly trafficking Mukwana from Kitale (Kenya) to Tanzania with the intention to sell him.

When he first appeared in court, he pleaded guilty to the charges against him, which prompted the magistrate to give his verdict within a short time.

Delivering judgement on Wednesday, resident magistrate Angelous Rumisha said the accused’s attempt to sell the albino was inhuman and barbaric, and that the punishment given was indented to deter other people.

Earlier, state attorney David Kakwaya alleged in court that the accused committed the offence on August 12, this year.

Kakwaya explained that the accused told Mukwana he was taking him to Tanzania to offer him a job, to which he agreed without knowing that he was going to be sold.

He said the accused came to Mwanza for the first time in June, this year, to look for a witchdoctor, whom he told he had some albino bones and he was looking for customers.

Kakwaya noted that the witchdoctor told him to give him time as he looked for the customers.

“The witchdoctor reported the matter to the police, who set up a trap. However, the accused managed to sneak out of the country before the police apprehended him,” Kakwaya told the court.

He said when the accused and his unsuspecting prey arrived in Mwanza on August 12, this year, they booked at River Side Guest House in Buzurugwa area.

He said the accused then called the witchdoctor, who had promised to look for customers. Instead he informed the police, who apprehended him before he could accomplish his ill mission.

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